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Weizheng  Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

was founded in 2004. We were the pioneer in design and manufacturing of Industrial Brakes and Clutches.  We offer one-stop solutions with our Research and Development Capabilities, Manufacturing Capabilities, Sales and Service Supports.

Over many years of experience and continuous technologies development, Weizheng has grown to offer full ranges of related products such as Magnetic Powder Clutches, Magnetic Powder Brakes, Electromagnetic Clutches, Electromagnetic Brakes, Pneumatic Clutches, Pneumatic Brakes, Air Shafts, Safety Chucks, Printing Cylinders, Tension Controllers...etc.

These are the key elements used in those Wires and Cables Machines, Printing Machines, Packaging Machines, Leather Machines, Textile Machines, Carton Machines, Food Machines...etc.

Weizheng believes in " continuous development, creativity to go beyond limits".

We set our customer's objective as our goals. We have set up various sales networks within China, and enthusiastically exploring overseas opportunities.

We are most willingly to listen to the customer's needs and committed to offer solutions, technical supports, customization, manufacturing with on time deliveries, and even after-sales service supports at any point in time.

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